Monday, December 6, 2010

Advant Master DCS from ABB

The technological boundaries and the practical between a DCS (Distributed Control System), PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and PC (Personal Computer) control are blurring. Systems associated traditionally with process control are being used in discrete applications. Likewise traditionally discrete solutions are increasingly used in both batch and continuous process control.

Currently control hardware is constructed from many of the same standard industry components such as Intel processors. Therefore the only real difference between control systems is at the software level.

Advant Open Control System (OCS) is an ABB solution for operators to improve their manufacturing productivity and achieve sustainable competitive advantages. Based on the success of the master systems in the 80’s, the Master system began its evolution to Advant OCS in the 1992. This evolution introduced high capacity I/O and controllers with an improved redundancy scheme. Also included were modern UNIX workstations, and in 1996 S800I/O was added providing modular flexible remote I/O.

Advant OCS with Master Software began its next step in the evolution process with the introduction of industrial IT enabled products. ABB’s commitment to protect your investment continuous with these enhancements by providing connectivity to our latest control offering. A complete and versatile of process I/O systems within the Advant family enables optimal user configurations:
• S800I/O – A highly modularized and flexible I/O system.
• S600I/O – A rack based I/O system for AC100 controllers.
• S100I/O – A rack based I/O system for AC400 controllers.

Numerous functions and characteristics facilitate and improve operation monitoring and re-engineering of each process in a company, 800xA operations (Process Portal) and the proven AdvaCommand for Unix Solution (based on HP-UX) are available as an operator station for Advant with Master Software.

OCS Mater Software, OCS with Master Software. The operator’s intuitive software provides consistent access and interaction with data from multiple I/O and control to plant and enterprise information.


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