Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wireless Ethernet Bridges of Cirronet

Cirronet is a supplier of high performance wireless products for industrial and commercial applications. Cirronet product applications include SCADA, mining vehicle control, medical telemetry, fleet management, factory automation, remote overhead crane control, and nuclear power plant radiation monitoring.

Cirronet’s spread spectrum Ethernet bridges (SEMs) provide high-speed wireless connectivity among Ethernet devices and long range in industrial settings and over distances far exceeding typical cable run length maximums. SEMs have a lot of uses, such as network bridging, PLC networking and SCADA among other industrial automation and data collection applications. SEM features include:

• High speed, reliable data throughput, – up to 1 Mbps throughput, with 1.23 Mbps total over the air bandwidth.
• Long range operation. – SEMs provide wireless connectivity for nodes of Ethernet network up 1.5 miles apart with the standard whip antenna. The antennas with optional gain substantially extend operating range.
• Standard Ethernet Connection, - the network of wireless all Ethernet equipped devices, such as sensors, PLCs and PCs.
• Patented FHSS technology, - the performance of frequency hopping for quick and reliable transmission of critical data.
• Interference immunity, - the superior of resistance to RF interference and multipath fade.
• License free operation, - at 2.4 GHz ISM band.
• Rugged Packaging, industrial and weatherproof enclosures.

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