Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Programming PLC with CoDeSys

CoDeSys consists of two parts: a runnable under Microsoft Widows operating systems, a complete graphical PLC software development environment, and a PLC runtime kernel for the RTOS-UH real time operating system. RTOH-UH guarantees for a proven and stable runtime environment for the CoDeSys kernel, featuring:
• IEC task with pre-emptive multitasking.
• Integration of PEARL and ANSI-C.
• Programming PLC according to the standard IEC 61131-2, with 5 languages of PLC programming: LD, FBD, SFC, ST, IL.
CoDeSys combines a PC’s ease and comfort of use with the flexibility of a PLC and the reliability of the real time system RTOS-UH.

A broad spectrum of efficient tools for program development is at hand with CoDeSys. Programming is possible on line as like as off line. An integrated simulator of PLC allows testing critical program sections offline without interrupting production systems.
• Syntactic coloring of elements language.
• Automatic formatting of the source code of program.
• Smooth integration into the GUI concept of the development operating system. All of 5 programming languages LD, FBD, SFC, ST, IL, are supported.

For test debugging, all modern programming tools are at hand:
• Detailed supervision of the PLC with single cycle or continuous forcing variables.
• Monitoring inputs/outputs as an internal variables, even though with the control being online.
• Change the PLC program online without interrupting a running process.
• The control single cycle.
• The PLC’s inspection state at discrete program steps by breakpoints.
• Full flow control by single stepping the control from statement to statement.
• State visualization with program flow and continuous display of line states.
• Watching of variables to catch sporadic error conditions.

Graphical display and operating is provided by the CoDeSys user interface:
• Visualization of the state of program and plant.
• The operation setting conditions by batch processing and recipe administration.
• Archiving and charting of plant data by variable trace.
The control is independently operated from the user interface. Manual operating and headless are supported.


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