Friday, January 28, 2011

Full Size Operator Interface of L2000 PLC

The full size operator interface is available in two different styles. The first has a four keyboard, secondly a thirty-two key full programmable. On the four keymodel functions are performed by selecting items from menus, and adjusting settings with the UP/DOWN keys. This allows the operator to perform normal functions with very little training required. Because of its ease of use, this Operator Interface is suited well for most basic functions. On the thirty-two keys full programming keyboard, the keys are labeled in English language terms, such as “LEVEL” and “PUMP”. The operator has easy access to all system functions, including the ability to change the control program through this keyboard.

The full size operator interface is equipped with a stainless steel face plate to which a permanent sealed membrane keypad is attached. The keypad features a stainless steel tactile feedback keys and is designed to be impervious to corrosive atmospheres such as Chlorine gas, Hydrogen Sulfide, etc.

The mode indicator is an eight LED display is used to indicate the current operational mode as well as monitor communications network traffic. The Bar Graph Display is optional integrated bar graph level indicator modules will automatically monitor a register and display scaled value on a bank of LEDs, with flashing setpoint indicators and flashing out of range indicator LEDs.

Four user definable macro functions are available with the four key keyboard, and eight macro functions with the thirty-two key keyboard. The L2000 operator interface is equipped with aBrite Lite high-brilliance, high efficiency fifteen segment alphanumeric LED display. This eight character display is capable of displaying both text and numeric information, and is multiplexed for high visibility and long life.

An integrated Brite Lite panel containing of up to 380 individual high intensity LED lamps may be configured to display the on/off status of digital inputs, outputs, bar graph level displays, and alarm conditions.

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