Friday, January 28, 2011

L2000 Programmable Logic Controller

What was the initial failure and “sequence of Events” to determine the faulty component? Was there are rug stuck in the pump causing an over current or over temp? Did the VFD shutdown? Was there a faulty circuit breaker? Did the automatic transfer switch fault to cause this sequence? Determine the first failure and order of subsequent failures with the SOE card.

The SOE (Sequence of Events) card provides an important tool to analyze circuit breaker trips, other digital event information and pump failures. The SOE card will reconstruct accurately the order of the events e.g. the first event and all subsequent events within the designated event window.
• 16 channels of isolated digital inputs optically
o isolation voltage 7.5 kV peak
o 12 VDC internal up to 24 VDC external

• Setpoint configurable SOE clocks
• Setpoint configurable RE-ARM delay
• Automatic wrapping and archiving of all events for later inspection
• Compact VME 3U Card
• Up to 5000 channels of SOE digital inputs
• Real time hard copy printer event reporting
• Backed by Tesco Controls L2000 complete line of VMEPLC+system cards

Mixed I/O modules have at least one of each I/O type. These cards are efficient for smaller applications, since only one I/O card is required, rather than one of each type. These cards also allow using of the compact L2000 packaging on a PLC with all I/O types.

High density I/O card:
• 16 digital inputs
• 8 digital outputs
• 6 analog inputs
• 2 analog outputs
The high density I/O card is ideal for small pump stations with multiple pumps, and many other small applications relatively.

Pump Card
• 4 digital inputs
• 4 digital outputs
• 2 analog inputs
• 1 analog outputs
The pump card is ideal for small pump stations and lift stations with a single pump. The pump card can be used individually per pump too. For small to medium size applications, more than one mixed I/O card may be used in a card rack to customize I/O count using at least number of cards.

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