Sunday, January 9, 2011

Simatic WinAC PLC in the PC

Simatic WinAC is the platform of integration for PC based automation solutions within the product range of Simatic controller. Having the PC serve as the central platform for operation and monitoring, technology integration, data processing and of course plant control with WinAC slot and soft PLCs gives rise to a previously unattainable solution potential. As such, Simatic WinAC integrates in the TIA system network and is processed using the same programming and project planning tools as customary with the S7 controller family.

Protection of investment with regards to know how is thereby ensured. This potential of integration for various technologies such as communication, measurement techniques and databases requires high performance programming interfaces such as those provided by Simatic WinAC via the Open Development kit and the technology kit. Standardized, manufacturer independent interfaces ensure integration and communication capability with existing and future systems. An optimized OPC server is included in the supply scope for this. OPC clients for processing, recording, evaluating, visualizing and archiving enable automation components to be flexibly integrated.

The WinAC controllers, Simatic NET applications and components mentioned communicate with the OPC server in a standardized, flexible manner via point to point channels. If these systems are to communicate with each other, an additional networking step must be taken. This involves using a special application of software called IndustrialDataBridge.

Data are exchange between the Simatic WinAC controllers and also with other automation and data processing systems via a Simatic NET OPC server with IndustrialDataBridge. As such, it is already possible now to set up a server or server communications system that, in terms of functionality, can be compared to the new OPC DX (Data Exchange) standard and even exceeds it. For instance, it is possible to exchange data automatically between multiple WinAC controllers as well as with S7 or S5 controls and PLC controls from third party manufacturers.

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