Monday, January 10, 2011

Utilization of Simatic Know-How

WinAC is programmed using the familiar Simatic programming tools with STEP 7 or, if preffered, with the well proven Engineering tools such as the High Level Textual Language (S7-SCL) or graphical configuration for sequence controls (S7-GRAPH) languages standardized to IEC 61131-3. All the configuration information for a PC based application is generated, managed and stored centrally. Centralized engineering is then possible over Industrial Ethernet or over Profibus as well as Engineering on target, whereby STEP 7 is installed directly on the control PC.

Simatic WinAC is code compatible to Simatic S7-400, e.x. program blocks created for Simatic S7-300 and S7-400 can be reused in WinAC and vise versa. So existing software investments are protected. You can use your accumulated Simatic know-how to the full with WinAC in combination with familiar and well proven configuration with STEP 7.

Simatic WinAC also supports the easy integration of technology functions, e.g. for counting, positioning and closed loop control tasks. Intelligent function modules are available for Simatic ET 200 distributed I/O stations that are connected through Profibus DP. On the other hand, various different Simatic software packages, such as Standard PID control for Easy Motion Control with its function block library through to Standard PLCopen Motion Control for traversing linear and circular axes and for general closed loop control tasks, provide solution for simple technology tasks.

Simatic WinAC offers an open data interface to standard software of the Office world for vertical integration on the basis of OLE for Process Control (OPC). During data processing and visualization, the process data can be accessed simply via this open data interface by using symbols. The integral OPC server permits multi vendor industrial communications with all OPC client applications, e.g. visualization systems from other vendors.

A component of WinAC is the Simatic NET OPC server now which offers a significantly improved performance compared to the previous WinAC solution. Therefore a uniform OPC solution is available for Simatic now.

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