Monday, January 10, 2011

PC based Control System with Simatic WinAC

Simatic WinAC is the PC based control system and is available in two versions either as a Slot PLC with hardware support or as a software PLC. PCs are used now not just in the office but increasingly in automation, for instance for HMI tasks and data processing. The resources of these devices are not utilizing frequently to the full and their performance is expanding constantly. So why not use the PC for closed loop and open loop control too? This is not a problem due to the ruggedness of industrial PCs. And the openness of the PC makes it easy to integrate all the necessary software and hardware components.

Optimum system integration on the one hand and openness towards third party components on the other is not a contradiction as far as TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) is concerned. What could therefore be better than solving all tasks in one single unit, thus utilizing the advantages of PC based technology within Totally Integrated Automation?

A Simatic S7 is integrated in the PC with this set up and a cost optimized complete solution is achieved where all components can come from one source. Users and developers both profit from the experience and worldwide services of Siemens as the market leader, and the high quality of the Simatic systems and products.

PC based controllers are configured and programmed in the same manner as S7 controllers using the STEP 7 standard software. User programs can execute on a PLC or on a PC and existing S7 programs can be ported as PC based solutions.

Simatic WinAC supports control on the PC is the ideal solution when in addition to visualization and control functions, tasks that generate a high volume of data and high speed technology functions have to be implemented on a PC platform.


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