Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Software PLC WinAC Basis and PLC WinAC RTX

The Simatic WinAC software PLCs has 2 different versions:
• WinAC Basis
• WinAC RTX (Real time capability)

WinAC Basis is the economical solution for data extensive and intensive PC tasks in combination with processes for which a deterministic response does not have to be guaranteed. A typical cycle time jitter results from the necessary functions of operating system.

Application examples include cell and line controllers in which different equipment units and machines are coordinated and an interface for data processing is required. WinAC Basis is a standard Windows application whose performance can be adapted to requirements by means of the processor and the Windows priority. WinAC Basis can use all the main PC memory and offers program back up on the hard disk. Non-cyclic data such as production parameters and recipe data can be saved long term on the hard disk of the PC with the help of system functions. All data can also be stored retentively in combination with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

WinAC RTX offers the same functional scope as WinAC Basis and also consist a real time extension for Windows 2000/XP, Real Time Extension of the company VenturCom. This real time extension supports both a deterministic response and a real time response.

This can be used to implement PC based and machine tasks such as demanding close loop control and Motion Control tasks. No operating system know-how is necessary.
• Deterministic response means that the control program will be executed in a specified cycle and if necessary, Windows applications that are executing simultaneously will be interrupted, this is necessary for drive controls.
• Real time response means that the response process events takes place within a specific time which can be useful, for instance when ‘bad’ parts are to be rejected during quality assurance. It can be also specified which priority the control program should have in comparison to the Windows application that is executing simultaneously.

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