Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WinAC Slot PLC Increased Operational Reliability

Simatic WinAC is available in two different versions as Software PLC a Slot PLC:
• The WinAC Slot PLCs are used in PC based solutions in which a higher degree of operational reliability and availability are required.
• The WinAC Software PLCs are appropriate for PC based applications whenever high flexibility and openness are required for integrating different tasks on a PC, for instance data processing tasks.

The WinAC Slot PLCs are based on the high performance S7-400 CPUs in terms of command set and performance and enable a controller to be implemented that is independent of Windows.

The Slot PLCs are subject to a restart controlled by discrete commands and after an interruption, the user program is directly resumed at the point of interruption. In combination with an optional power supply, PS Extension Board, and an external 24 V power supply, the user program of the Slot PLC can be processed completely independently of the PC. Battery back up ensures that all data memory areas are retentive. Applications that demand enhanced operational reliability and availability can be implemented to this rugged and deterministic response.

The Slot PLCs have one integrated MPI/DP and one DP interface, for instance for communication with other CPUs and for interfacing to distributed I/O. The Slot PLCs support isochrones mode which can be used to implement time dependent, high speed applications at decentralized locations. Programs can be de-archived and archived using the hard disk of the PC.

The WinAC panel on the PC offers the operating functions and display of the Slot PLC, comparable with those of an S7-CPU.
WinAC Slot is available in 2 different versions:
• WinAC Slot 412 is based on the CPU 412 with 128 KB memory for data and 128 KB memory for code.
• WinAC Slot 416 is based on the CPU 416 with 1.6 MB memory for data and 1.6 MB memory for code.

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