Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WinAC Open Development Kit Interfaces

CCX (Custom Code Extension Interface)
ODK (Open Development Kit) includes an application wizard and a class library for simple programming in Microsoft Visual C++. The program C++ which executes outside WinAC is called from the PLC program via the CCX using two functions of system SFC 65_000, SFC65_001. The program C can be executed in three different manners:
• Synchronous, e.g. processed as part of the PLC cycle.
• Asynchronous, e.g. it will be started by the program PLC, and terminated in the background.
• Continuous, e.g. processed parallel to the program PLC.

This permits many different applications to be implemented. For instances:
• Integration of robot control software in WinAC.
• Fieldbus interfacing cards to WinAC.
• Direct accesses to the Windows file system.
• Special communications Implementation protocol.
• Complex calculations for control of foil quality.

SMX (Shared memory Extension Interface)
ODK supports the development of applications which require data exchange between Windows applications, e.g. Visual C++ and the WinAC PLCs as necessary e.g. with image or control processing tasks via SMX. This data exchange takes place particularly rapidly via a dual port of RAM (DPR) or shared memory which is accessed both by the PLC program and the external C++ program. ODK consists libraries for writing and reading this DPR according to the polling method. As far as WinAC PLC is concerned, the DPR represents a 4 KB large I/O range which is accessed using load or transfer commands.

SMX application samples:
• Motion control system interfacing.
• System interfacing for data analysis and acquisition.
• Saving and transmission large production and quality data.
• Direct high performance incorporation of job database.

CMI (Controller Management Interface)
ODK can be used to integrate the function of the WinAC panel into a Windows application. The CMI provides the following functions for the application:
• LED statuses
• Start and stop PLC
• Downloading programs
Application samples:
• Integration WinAC panel into HMI application.
• Remote control PLC.
• Implementation specific user privilege.

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