Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GE Fanuc PAC800 Controllers

GE Fanuc intelligent platforms announced new control system PAC8000. This family is powerful to offer the controllers, software solution and I/O systems. PAC8000 Controllers will help you to improve your operational performance and productivity so it is good to bring you a basic overview of PAC8000 products.

MTL and its products MOST are a new acquisition of GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. The system can be used as independent control system or remote I/O units. PAC8000 family is integrated into Proficy Process Systems (PPS). Proficy Process Systems with PAC8000 controllers presents with a powerful and flexible Distributed Control System (DCS). As PAC in the name suggest the system is suitable for a wide range of application while PLCs could be used only for discrete application. The family offers controllers, remote I/O software and modules.

PAC8000 are designed for a hard work in rough conditions and work there where no one controller could exist.
• They survive 5G at a vibration and30G at a blow.
• Controllers are configurable inf running.
• They operate in -40oC to 70oC.
• Redundancy is a great advantage of the controllers. Redundant controller can be used for critical control applications. The pair of redundant controller operates in parallel checking status multiple times through the processing loop enabling the back up controller to monitor continuously the health of the master controller, assuring a rapid and bumpless transfer to the standby controller. Backup controller is also capable of receiving both control program and firmware updates.
• PAC8000 Controllers communicate on a peer to peer basis so that critical information can be efficiently shared between controllers.
• Controllers can pass the information of HART from smart field devices to a separate of PC workstation running asset management software applications.
• Controllers support all five IEC 61131-3 programming languages, namely LD SFC, ST, FBD, Instruction List and Flow Chart Language.
• The controllers feature serial interface RS 485 half duplex, 9 pin D type connector and transmission rates 1.2 – 115.2 kbit/s asynchronous.


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