Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GE Fanuc PLC of Anybus X-gateways

Using the existing port of Ethernet communications available on the GE Fanuc family of PLC’s and the HMS Anybus X-Gateway, it is possible to create a transparent bridge between the PLC and any used industrial network commonly via Modbus/TCP. The Anybus X-gateway family is a product line targeted to connect almost every possible combination of two industrial networks.

The product family supports 17 different fieldbus networks such as DeviceNet, Profibus, CANopen and CC Link allowing the GE Fanuc PLC family easy data transfer via ModbusTCP. The X-gateways are designed to use in industrial automation plants where increasingly many different networks are used. The X-gateways help system integrator to inter-connect easily any GE Fanuc PLC, enabling consistent information flow through out the entire plants.

The X-gateways focus primarily on the transfer of cyclic I/O data between two networks. This can be either a slave-slave combination or a master-slave combination. The user simply selects the amount of I/O to be transferred between the GE Fanuc PLC and the foreign network during the set up of the gateway. The data with least amount of I/O data determines how much data can be transferred in each case since all industrial networks support a different amount of I/O data. The transfer time between the 2 networks is typically 10 to 15ms.

The X-gateways can bring together the network world of GE Fanuc, Rockwell, Siemens, Hitachi, Omron, Bosch, B&R, Moeller, Beckhoff and many more.

All PLC systems programmer and designers, at one time or another need to communicate with devices or equipment operating on a network other than the one to which GE Fanuc PLC is attached. Creating a bridge between the two networks in order for the GE Fanuc PLC to send and receive data is usually problematic and consuming time to accomplish. Sytech System’s client needed to interface between a Siemens Simocode and PACSystems RX7i PLC.


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