Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Features of Logicmaster 90-70

The following features are available only with CIMPLICITY Control:
• Ethernet Global Data: This feature allows a PLC CPU’s memory (PLC memory) to be shared with the other PLCs and HMI devices on an Ethernet network. It also allows the PLC to collect data from other PLCs on a periodic basis.
• Increased Program Size: Using a Release 7.2 or later 90-70 PLC, you can store larger LD or SFC programs than previously to Series 90-70 PLC CPUs with expansion memory boards larger than 512 kilobytes.
• I/O Scan Sets: The I/O Scan Set feature allows the scanning of I/O points to be more closely scheduled with its use in user logic programs. This feature removes the need to scan all I/O on every sweep, thus reducing sweep time and increasing throughput. FIP, IC660/661, and Release 7.2 or later Series 90-70 I/O points can be assigned to groups called Scan Sets.
• Selective Synchronous FIP Programs: This feature allows the execution of a user program to be synchronized with the scanning of a scan set, where at least one input variable in the set is assigned to a FIP Bus Controller (FBC).
• VME 3rd Party Interrupts: The Release 7.2 or later Series 90-70 PLC currently allows interrupts from discrete and analog modules to trigger LD interrupt blocks and Standalone C programs in the PLC. Release 7.20 of the Series 90-70 PLC extends this capability to include interrupts from 3rd Party VME modules. Please refer to GFK-0448E, the User’s Guide to Integration of 3rd Party VME Modules for more details on VME 3rd Party interrupts.
• Name Resolution Files: Release 7.20 of the Series 90-70 PLC supports the storing of Name Resolution Files from Windows programming software to Network Adapters capable of Name Resolution. Naming Resolution involves resolving a symbolic name to its necessary address information required for communication. This feature provides users with a means to use a Symbolic Name to reach the remote destination.
• Store/Load/Verify Genius Block Configuration: PLC Release 7.20 supports the storing of Genius Device Configuration. Windows programming software Release 2.00 or later is required to configure the devices. The configuration is stored to the PLC, and is then passed on to the GBC/NBC for eventual storage in the Genius devices. In addition, load/verify of device configuration will be supported.

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