Tuesday, March 29, 2011

General information of SPC Component

• The SPC component is a PLC (Programmable Logical Control), which can be integrated in any PC.
• The PLC communicates with higher-level host PC via a dual-ported RAM. In this dual-ported RAM, the process image is provided.
• One of the two serial interfaces of the SPC is used for programming the PLC. This offers the possibility to program the PLC not only with the host PC, but also by means of an external laptop or a Siemens programmer. The AS511 (optionally an IBH Softec protocol as well) is used as a protocol at the serial interface.
• The PLC disposes of the capacity range of a SIEMENS 945 CPU, regarding the command set.

The SPC consists of several components
A base board containing the following components.
a. 8 KB dual-ported RAM for communication with the ISA bus
b. Two PC-104 slots
c. Plug for two serial interfaces
d. Integrated lightbus connection
e. Integrated CAN bus connection
f. Interface to an NPS power supply unit
g. Parallel interface for offset switches and display
h. 7 segment displays for displaying the status
i. Switch for Run/Stop
j. Switch for normal/special operation
k. Key for Reset
l. Key for Load
n. Optionally up to 1 MB SRAM

A PC (IBM-compatible) which is plugged in either of the two PC-104 slots and which contains the following components.
a. CPU 586 / 133 MHz
b. 4 MB RAM (extensible)
c. 800 KB Flash Eprom as drive "C:"
d. 4 MB Flash Eprom as drive "D:" (extensible)
e. Two serial interfaces COM 1 and COM 2
f. One parallel interface
g. Connection for floppy drive
h. Connection for keyboard

A second PC-104 slot which can be used for expansion boards.
a. Profibus DP connection
b. Interbus-S connection
c. CAN bus connection (unless the integrated one is used)
d. Any other boards such as VGA controller, etc.

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