Monday, March 28, 2011

Next Generation CX-Programmer Ver. 4.0

Programming, Debugging and Maintaining of Omron PLCs
CX-Programmer version 4.0 leverages the latest improvements in Omron CS/CJ series PLCs. Only a few of the important changes are shown below. A full list of improvements is in “CX-Programmer Ver.4.0 Version Upgrade Information” available on Omron’s. This high performance, 32-bit Microsoft Windows-based software program continues to simplify PLC program development, network commissioning and system diagnostics.
Key Features and Benefits
a. Easier Team Program Development
Enhanced task programming features
b. Develop and download individual tasks
c. Check for duplicate addresses between tasks
d. Allows for separate comment files per task
e. Intellectual Property Protection & Security
Protect programs from being changed
Protect programs from being copied
Write protection mode for “Monitor-only” to prevent data from being overwritten
f. Expanded Networking
“Auto” on-line connections with the PLC from Ethernet
Now supporting up to eight layers of networking
Supports the new 100Base-TX Ethernet Modules: CS1W-ETN21 and CJ1W-ETN21
Supports the new Controller Link hardware: CS1W-CLK21-V1, CJ1W-CLK21-V1, 3G87F-CLK21-V1, and CS1W-RPT01. Increases number of available CLK nodes to 62.
g. New Hardware Support
CJ1M-CPU11 and CJ1M-CPU21
h. Easier Connections to CX-Simulator
Now directly launch CX-Simulator from icon on CX-Programmer toolbar.
Take advantage of all CX-Simulator’s testing/debugging features.
CX-Simulator is sold separately

Selling Strategies
CX-Programmer v4.0 is a significant enhancement to v3.2. The enhancements are highlighted in the Key Features and Benefits section of this document, and a detailed list of all changes is available on the Omron website. Other things that should be considered are:
a. CX-Programmer is the foundation of the CX-Automation Suite of software tools that include an OPC Server (CX-ServerOPC), an activeX interface (CX-ServerLite), a PC-based HMI (CX-Supervisor), along with motion control configuration and protocol communication programming software tools.
b. SYSWIN applications will no longer be revised; therefore, it is in the best interest of your customers to migrate to CX-Programmer.
c. Version 4.0 offers direct import for SYSWIN programs and new improved utilities for converting Omron’s previous PLC programming software tools. CX-Programmer objective is for the IEC 61131-3 specification compliance with the release of Function Block, Structured, and Sequential Function Chart (SFC) support occurring within a 1-11/2 year time period.


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