Saturday, April 2, 2011

Advanced Slave I/O Functionality of DNI MicroLogix Controllers

MicroLogix controllers can function as cost-effective DeviceNet slave nodes through the DNI. The DNI provides to DeviceNet up to 64 words of data (32 inputs, 32 outputs, configurable). The DNI can either poll or receiving data sent from the MicroLogix controller to keep its mapped I/O data up-to-date with the actual data in the controller, while the DNI handles all DeviceNet communications. All local I/O remains under the MicroLogix controller’s direct control, yet can be visible to the DeviceNet master. Using a standard messaging command, you can easily read or write data to other controllers.

Simple, Reliable Peer-to-Peer Messaging
The DNI brings the new functionality brand to DeviceNet by enabling peer-to-peer messaging between devices that use the DF1 Full-Duplex protocol. The DNI takes the commands of DF1 Full-Duplex, wraps them in the DeviceNet protocol and sends them to the target DNI. The DNI target removes the DeviceNet information and passes the DF1 command to the end device. This capability works between PCs and controllers, controllers, and for program up/downloading. I/O and data messages are prioritized, which minimizes I/O determinism problems typically encountered on networks that support I/O and messaging simultaneously.

DeviceNet Interface Series B (1761-NET-DNI) Specifications
Description and Specifications
• 24V dc Power Source Requirements 11 to 25V dc
• Current Draw 200 to 250 mA
• 400 mA maximum inrush current (30 msec, max.)
• Internal Isolation 500V dc
• Operating Ambient Temperature 0 to +60°C (+32 to +140°F)
• Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C (-40 to +175°F)
• Agency Certification UL 1604, C-UL C22.2 No. 213, Class1, Division2, Groups A, B, C, D, CE compliant for all applicable directives, ODVA conformance 2.0-A12
• DeviceNet maximum number of nodes = 64, maximum length = 500m at 125K baud or 100m at 500K baud


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