Sunday, April 3, 2011

Experience Complete With Allen-Bradley Products

Since 1903, Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley has earned a worldwide reputation as the most trusted brand name in industrial automation. It's a reputation built on a very simple strategy: providing customers with products of uncompromising quality and reliability. The Micrologix 1200 family of controllers demonstrates that commitment to high standards of product dependability, technological innovation, and performance.

More importantly, because your absolute satisfaction is important to us, we back our products with the highest levels of customer

High Functionality in a Compact, Cost-Effective Package.
Some micro-PLCs force you to trade off between product size and functionality. Many applications requiring dedicated control also have rigorous space requirements. You may, however, want the freedom to expand your I/O as your application grows. Whatever the solution, though, it must be cost-effective.

With the MicroLogix 1200 family of micro-controllers, you can finally have the ideal blend of functionality and compact size, at a price that is more reasonable than you might expect. The Footprint is Small, but the Functionality is Big.

In 1994, Allen-Bradley introduced the MicroLogix 1000, a miniature controller offering task-specific dedicated control at a very low price. Later came the MicroLogix 1500 with expansion I/O to suit complex, ever-growing applications. Now there is the MicroLogix 1200, bringing together the best of both products.

The MicroLogix 1200 controllers are truly micro in size. With a footprint as small as 3.54" x 4.33" (90mm x 110mm), they are suitable for control projects where panel space is a challenge. Make no mistake, though — small size does not mean small functionality. These tiny packages are filled with an abundance of features designed to accommodate a broad range of applications.

Expansion I/O
The Micrologix 1200 creates use of discrete and analog expansion I/O modules (providing up to 88 points) for a lot of application flexibility. Labels of removable I/O with a write-on area make for easy field device identification to reduce valuable troubleshooting and maintenance is compatible with Rockwell Software RSLogix 500 programming software, a feature-rich Windows® based package used to program a host of Allen-Bradley controllers. The result of this compatibility — reduced time spent training personnel and developing applications due to software familiarity and program reusability.


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