Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Automation Technology of SIMATIC S7 controller

The individual controller of SIMATIC S7
As the PLC modular itself, this individual course system can be set together with the panel of modular training. The panel of modular training has an outline railing that accepts the modules and PLC. All controllers of S7-300 series are companionable with this outline railing. There are a variety of I/O modules existing that have 4 mm safety sockets to link peripheral equipments using connecting leads. These Input/Output modules are pre-wired to circuit boards of SIMATIC.

PLC programming in the COM3LAB
The COM3LAB Course presents basic concepts of PLC and shows their capabilities for being networked, including networking with actuators and sensors, on the PROFIBUS basis. Many samples, descriptions, and practical problems present PLC basics and behavior explicitly. The solid hardware complementary this training makes it possible for you to improve practice-oriented experience.

If the Profi-CASSY is joint with software of CBS 9 models, it will be resulting the universal device simulator. This combination of hardware and software is linked on one side, using PROFIBUS or using a flat cable directly, to the PLC and using USB to a PC. This provides the PC access to 2 analog and 16 digital inputs and outputs. Process simulations are obtainable for the most diverse device. These simulators are easy to assemble on the PC. Profi-CASSY makes the device‘s sensors and actuators accessible to a real controller.

There are 3 different simulations modes:
• In demo-mode, the process runs automatically on the display where it can be learned and observed without stress.
• In manual mode, the device can be experienced step-by-step. All actuators can be activated by click the mouse.
• In external mode, the control of the device is took over by a real PLC. Outputs of PLC are linked to inputs of Profi-CASSY, and thus the actuators of device. Inputs of PLC are linked to outputs of Profi-CASSY, which allows acquirement of all the device simulator‘s signals.


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