Wednesday, April 27, 2011

T 9.3 Automation Technology

LD DIDACTIC has engineered components of SIMATIC for practice-oriented vocational education and training. These components connection to peripheral device have built a panel of training that equipped with 4mm sockets of safety for the basic modules of mounting as good as the input/output modules. Additionally to the basic device units configured completely you can also choose the appropriate CPU for your special requirements and combine this with modules of input/output of your selection, or simply enlarge the already configured device units.

The multimedia of Automation Technology course and the vivid models as good as networking the components the programmable controller PLC is expanded into a whole system the ensuring objective-oriented training.
• Basic PLC programming with course of COM3LAB, automation and bus technology
• The PLC modular e.g SIMATIC S7-300
• The LD DIDACTIC training panel to accommodate components and up to 9 I/O modules
• Programming is conducted referring to IEC 1131-3 e.g. LAD, FBD, STL
• Simulation process of PC as good as models hardware
• The automation technology components networking sensor technology
• Logic modules and control relays for easy functions of open-loop control
• Visualization

T 9.3 Equipment Unit Configuration
• T 9.3.1 S7-300 PLC – It is configured completely in fundamental units with S7-300 controllers.
• T 9.3.2 Applications PLC - application models of PC simulation for movements and support of techniques programming.
• T 9.3.3 PROFIBUS DP - The Profibus is designed principally for the connecting of intelligent modules, e.g. the motor frequency converter.
• T 9.3.4 Sensor Technology – Device sets from the instrumentation and control technology fields planned for correlation to the automation technology.
• T 9.3.5 AS-Interface - The interface of actuator/sensor is an inexpensive option for connecting simple modules, such as actuators and sensors. Actuators and sensors can be linked to the controller via an unshielded or two-conductor line.

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