Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ELC Controllers and Modules

The Eaton Logic Controller (ELC) family offers four controller styles. These controllers provide combinations of the features as following:
• High speed pulse output and capture on all controllers
• Feature of interrupts
• Large module of AC/DC selection in, relay or transistor out
• Large analogue selection of combined, thermocouple, RTD Platinum, analogue in, out
• More than 200 instructions to select from: Communications, ASCII conversion, hex, decimal, floating point math, bit manipulations, logical, octal, BCD, block move, retentive data storage, block compare, time base from clock/calendar
• There are 2 serial ports of Modbus those are RTU or ASCII: 1 master/slave, 1 slave only
• Network communications on DeviceNet, Profibus, and Modbus TCP
• Controller of ELC can be wired for remote I/O communications.

ELC Expansion Modules
The modules of ELC expansion offer the amount correctly of I/O for application solutions. Select 4, 8, or 16 I/O. Any expansion number of modules can be added into the ELC processor to create 256 I/O.

ELC Specialty Modules
To add in the to expansion I/O, modules specialty like Temperature of Platinum, Thermocouple, Analogue In, Analogue Out, DeviceNet, Switch Module, and PROFIBUS DP etc. The module expansion could be added. To easily connect use the ELC-485APTR to ELC controllers, MVX drive on the RS485 port, and other devices.

The programs can be transferred to and from units of ELC-GPxx. These equipments can be written protected to ensure program integrity. ELC-HHP is friendly-to-use, when a PC is not available ELC controllers can be for hand-held programming tool. Applications can be directly programmed with the attached keypad with ELCHHP. Or downloaded from a PC and transferred to different ELCs. Or uploaded from an ELC, transferred and saved, to another ELC. If you are using the ELC-HHP no require for outlets since it draws its power from either the PC or the ELC through the attached cable.

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