Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Description of Eaton Logic Controller

One of the products Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in marketplace is Eaton Logic Controller (ELC). This decreased sized ELC with its module abundant selection will offer a concept of “Just Right” that offering only what you want for the price you need.
It is a small package of PLC that offering the features or functions PLC largely. ELC is one third a D50 size, providing similar and a greater set than the D50. ELC is able to provide 46 I/O while a D50 is available for 14 I/O.
To use the same controller, ELC controllers can handle I/O counts from 10 I/O to 256 I/O. ELC reduces the counting I/O process and deciding which controller to use, ELC is the only one required. ELC modules offer in many flavors of I/O from modules consisting 4 in / 4 out to modules consisting 8 in / 8 out. Add modules by simply snapping them into the closing the attached locks and mating connectors.
PLC Features
ELC provides the greater PLCs feature set, from its timer resolution to 1 ms, high speed counter, PID, remote I/O ability, high speed pulse outputs, multiple communications ports, data storage interrupts, plus much more.
ELCSoft, the software, configures the entire line of ELC controllers. It programs in standard sequential function chart and ladder logic programming. It will help in understanding what registers are in use and what modules are enclosed to the Eaton Logic Controller. It controls that allow forcing, and runtime application. Wizards aid programming software of PIDs, remote I/O, and standard communications.
Power One
Eaton Logic Controller easily communicates to drives of MVX, reducing the requirement to operate drives by input/output digital or voltage/current analogue. ELC is able to access the MVX parameters by serial communications, it is saving OEM money and also ELC communicates to IT.


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