Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DELMIA V5 Automation

For revolutionizing the entire industrial automation market, Dassault Systèmes is paving the way. Its new collaborative the programming desktop and lifecycle management solution for the automation market will shift to the automated design and logic controller (PLC) programming from the hardware to the virtual world, allowing users to digitally define, control, and monitor the automated systems, unleashing new value in a software market expected to grow to several billion dollars by 2010 using the innovative technology.

Dassault Systems launched its breakthrough the automation solution through alliances with Schneider Electric (Dextus) and with OMRON Corporation, enhancing and expanding capability beyond the PLM in 2004. This new technology is targeted to deliver breakthrough digital solutions to companies designing the numerical systems that control complex products ranging from the packaging machines to the factory assembly lines to the elevators.

DELMIA V5 Automation is special in the world of automation, representing a major source of business growth for the company. Currently, the automation system are programmed in a laborious 2D graphical language and environment where they have to be validated with costly the physical resources., DELMIA Automation will enable to control engineers to develop and approve their PLC program and the automated systems in the virtual world by completely integrating this process into a 3D environment. In addition, this new offering provides a collaborative workspace to control and mechanical engineers to share knowledge, react to changes, and communicate within the same V5 digital environment.

During the ramp-up of the production lines, as well as in the machine building business, time and risk of error have become crucial factors. The DELMIA Automation helps reduce product launch time significantly by catching control logic errors well before implementation by evaluating the PLC programs and/or changes in a virtual equipment instead of taking risks on the real equipment.


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