Thursday, April 7, 2011

DELMIA V5 Automation: Smart Device Builder and LCM Studio

Smart Device Builder creates your 3D CAD models (CATIA, Solidworks, UGS, ProE, Solidedge, and others) into actuators and sensors in defining kinematics/tasks, internal behavior and electrical I/Os. The internal device behavior is programmed by using the languages supported by LCM studio making the device internal behavior definition easy for control engineers. The internal behavior can also be used to build default and abnormal conditions to validate how the PLC program would react to such conditions.

Smart Devices can be assembled to create the complete virtual equipment with the complete set of I/Os
• Smart Device can be used as simple as a single clamp that can be in a cell layout, or as complex machine tool center, an entire station or manufacturing line.
• Smart Device Builder provides tools for:
o Device Kinematics (forward or inverse)
o Electrical Input/Output Ports
o Internal Control Logic.
• Individual Smart Devices can be built into more complex systems such as machine centers, manufacturing stations or lines complete with Electrical I/Os.
• Smart Devices can be controlled by an external controller such as a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
• Smart Device Builder gives the tools necessary to build a reference library of Smart Devices for use by downstream control engineers.
o Examples of these referenced devices can be used by control engineers whom desire to create, edit and validate control logic using V5, 3D simulation tools.

DELMIA V5 Automation: LCM Studio
LCM Studio is an environment of PLC programming using the standard languages defined in the IEC61131-3 standard. LCM Studio createss the PLC program independent of the hardware. The result of PLC program is downloaded to a targeted PLC through a dedicated PLC setup. The setup of PLC is developed by or in close collaboration with the major PLC providers (Schneider Electric, Omron, Siemens and others) using the V5 open platform (CAA V5).
• LCM Studio gives the controls engineer with structured views of the controls logic including:
o Hierarchal views
o SFC views
• Build, edit and debug, and validate controls logic for a device, component, station or line.
• Program and validate logic controls in the “context” of the virtual equipment designed using Smart Device.


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