Thursday, April 7, 2011

DELMIA V5 Automation: Controlled System Simulator and LCM Control Setup

The user can simulate, to validate, and to debug a complete PLC program against virtual equipment before any real equipment is even built using Controlled System Simulator. The program of PLC can be loaded to a Virtual PLC or to the real PLC. Users only need to map the PLC program I/Os defined with LCM studio to the virtual equipment I/Os defined with the Smart Device Builder and then define the simulation environment. The environment of simulation is defined by an input part flow (source and sink) and such stochastic distributions for creation times and part types.
• A program PLC can be simulated using either a Virtual Controller or by using a real Programmable Logic Controller ( Soft PLC or Physical PLC) using open connectivity (OPC)
• All of the PLC control logic aspects can be validated, including I/O setup, values, functions, constants and variables attributes, program branching, etc.
• The internal behavior of Smart Devices can be used to trigger default and abnormal conditions in order to validate how the PLC program will react to such conditions.
• Virtual or physical control panels can be incorporated in the system allowing the engineer to test the Human – Machine Interface (HMI).
• Controlled System Simulator performs DMU verification of motion simulations using clash detection and analysis, sectioning analysis, measurement, distance analysis and 3D geometry comparison tools.
• Controlled System Simulator can be operated for virtual startup and virtual commissioning as well as machine operator training.

DELMIA V5 Automation: LCM Control Setup
LCM Control Setup is an optional add-on that gives the user with the capability to translate control logic created with LCM Studio to a PLC’s native language. LCM Control Setup gives Dassault Systemes CAA Partners with the CAA APIs necessary to develop their PLC Setup (one per PLC provider/type) that provides the capability of downloading the PLC program developed with LCM Studio to the real PLC.
• Compile to the native code of PLC and transfer to the real PLC.
• Shortens support time for new PLC hardware.
• Integrates into desktop of DELMIA Automation V5 so control and maintenance engineers can download, run, stop, and debug within the same environment.
• Setup with SIEMENS A&D Automation Systems. available with SIEMENS STEP 7 PLC


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