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The IBHsoftec-S7-SoftPLC is a real-time behavior software that emulates a hardware-PLC. The PLC program is executed on the same way as it would be on a hardware-PLC. This provides the advantage, that the status of the program can be displayed directly. Thereby the debugging of a PLC program is facilitated, since it is possible to determine at any time, which command is executed.

The S7-SoftPLC 315/416 is compatible to a SIEMENS SIMATIC® 315/416 Hardware PLC. The following items are implemented to a standard PLC:
• Ethernet-CP 343/443 emulation
• Modbus on TCP Server/Client
• NVRAM support for retain data
• Interface for user configured FC/SFC

Drivers for:
Drivers Table

S7-SoftPLC online functions
Online functions are available for the S7 for Windows® and Siemens SIMATIC® Manager. If the system programming is installed on the same computer as S7-SoftPLC, the data exchange can be done over the internal PC memory. The necessary drivers are installed with S7-SoftPLC.

Alternatively the data exchange can be done over a serial port. Therefore the programming unit can be connected via a zero modem cable. The adaptor PC with 38,4 kBaud on the programming unit has to be selected here. The online functions over TCP/IP Ethernet are provided via the IBHNet driver. The IBHNet driver can be downloaded freely from the IBHsoftec homepage. Via Siemens ISO-On-TCP (RFC1006) protocol online functions are also possible. Therefore the Ethernet CP-343/443 has to be integrated in the configuration.

If a Hilscher CIF30/50/60 Profibus card is used, the S7-SoftPLC can be programmed over the connected Profibus. The panels operator can also be connected, if the card driver is configured correctly.


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