Thursday, April 28, 2011


The FATEK FBS Series PLC is a new micro PLC generation outfitted with outstanding functions compare to medium or large PLC, it contains up to 5 communication ports. The maximum numbers of I/O are 256 points for DI (Digital Input) and DO (Digital Output), 64 words for NI (Numeric Input) and NO (Numeric Output). The FBS Main Units are offered in three types: High-Speed NC Type (MN), High-Performance Type (MC), and Economy Type (MA). A total of 17 models are offered with the I/O point combination ranges from 10 to 60. 14 DI/DO and 12 NI/NO models are existing for Expansion Units or Modules. The peripherals communications are available with 14 modules and boards with interface options in Ethernet, USB, RS485 and RS232.

All the FBS-PLC Main Units have the same structure of physical. The difference is only the case width. There are 4 different case sizes, which are 175mm, 130mm, 90mm, and 60mm. The below is the Main Unit case of the FBS-24MC:
• Digital Input Indicator (Xn).
• Digital Output Indicator (Yn).
• System status indicator (ERR, POW, RUN,).
• I/O output expansion header cover, with esthetic purpose and capable of securing expansion cable.
• Board of FBS-CB22 Communication (CB).
• Cover plate of FBS-CB22 CB
• Communication board screw holes.
• Communication board connector (for CB55, CB25, CB22, CB5, and CB2)
• Communication Module (CM) Connector (only offered in MC/MN model, for CM55E, CM55, CM25E, CM25, and CM22connection).
• Memory Pack connector.
• Built-in communication port Connector (Port 0)
• Header of I/O output expansion for connecting with cables from expansion units/modules.
• 35mm-width DIN RAIL
• DIN RAIL tab
• Hole for screw fixation (ψ4.5×2)
• 24VDC power input and digital input terminals (Pitch 7.62mm)
• Main power input and digital output terminals (Pitch 7.62mm)
• Standard cover plate
• Built-in communication port cover plate (Port 0)
• Transmit (TX) and receive (RX) status indicators of built-in communication port (Port0)


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