Friday, April 29, 2011

PLC Control Builder Configurations and Functions

If the PLC is the aim for your applications which you need to download the application to the PLC from the Project Explorer. The code of programming is then run in the PLC. The Programmable Logic Controller Control builder is used to build control solutions. The solutions are made within projects of control builder, and several levels of structuring are existing inside one project. A project can work up to 256 applications where every application can work onto 64 programs at the most. 32 Control Builder PCs maximum can be operated together in multi-user environment and up to 32 PLCs can be built and handled within a project.

You can built self-defined libraries involving function block types, data types etc. Aside function block types, your Control Builder can also use for control modules, which are devices for object-oriented programming.

Not supported Functions
When you need to add functionality for creating DCS type of control solutions, control builder that available in the ABB 800xA DCS system offering can be used. The control builder of 800xA, to set of functions available in PLC Control Builder need to add the following functions
• High Integrity Controller for SIL applications
• The function of CI860 is for FF HSE, and the function of CI862 for TRIO I/O
• Security
• Batch handling
• HART protocol is for information routing
• Audit Trail
• SFC Viewer

Multi-User Engineering
Programmable Logic Controller Control Builder chains multi-user engineering with up to 32 separate engineering stations. All the OPC Server and Control Builder PCs have to have right of entry to the common project file in a multi-user configuration. This represents that a common Project folder must be made on a shared network server. The server of network can be put anywhere appropriate in your network; thus placed and handled by an OPC Server PC or in a Control Builder PC.

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