Friday, April 29, 2011

Profibus Decentralized Peripherals Slave

Data Station Plus and enhanced master of Modular Controller now support Profibus communication using an optional card of communication. This article will give a description on Profibus DP and tell how to set up a G3 HMI with a CPU315-2DP, S7300 PLC using Profibus. An Enhanced Master of Modular Controller setup would be analogous. It is not be determined that this article offer a specify description of Profibus, but only a short introduction, necessary to identify the terms that are used all over the rest of this article.

Profibus DP means for “PROFIBUS for Decentralized Peripherals”. Profibus-DP is a tool level bus that applicable both discrete and analog signals. It has general usage for such items as variable speed drives, motor control centers, and remote I/O systems. Profibus-DP corresponds at speeds from 9.6 Kbps to 12 Mbps with distances from 100 to 1,200 meters. Profibus DP Slave is the protocol that supported by both G3 HMIs of Profibus DP option card (G3PBDP00) and Profibus DP option card for Data Station Plus and Modular Controller (XCPBDP00). Therefore, Red Lion Controls’ products must be connected to a Profibus network with a master device.

It is a short explanation on Profibus DP communication is working before the set up. The communication of Profibus DP gets the block exchange form. Profibus blocks are created of memory bytes where 2 bytes make a word and 4 bytes a double word, or Dword. A block is a consecutive bytes range of addresses and is unidirectional. This indicates the PLC will replace data write only and read only on DP slave unit blocks. Every device addresses are autonomous and only related to the device for its own program. This represents, for instance, that the first block address range in the master can begin at 256 with a 64 words block length and could effect in the slave with a range beginning from 0 with 64 words length.


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