Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Operator Interface Devices and Communication Cables MicroLogix 1200 controllers

Operator interfacee devices give you with powerful plant floor control and data monitoring capabilities.
MicroView™ Operator Interface
The MicroView Operator Interface is a featurepacked, cost-effective operator interface designed for data display, data monitoring, data entry, and recipe download. This device features a 2-line x 16-character display window.

DTAM™ Micro Operator Interface
The DTAM Micro Operator interface gives another operator interface to the MicroLogix line. DTAM Micro is an inexpensive operator interface. This device features consist a 2-line x 20-character display window. It can be stored up to 244 application screens in memory.

DTAM Plus Operator Interface
The DTAM Plus Operator Interface gives a highly functional operator interface for the MicroLogix 1200 family of processors. This device features consist a 4-line x 20-character display window for viewing data table information and operator prompts. Display screens are built using an Offline Development software Package.

PanelView™ Operator Terminals
PanelView Operator Terminals provide operator interface capabilities in space saving, flat panel designs or 14-inch CRTs. These operator electronic interfaces feature pixel graphics and high-performance functionality in color and monochrome flat panel displays, as well as Super VGA CRTs with optimum viewing angles and resolution. PanelView terminals give extensive diagnostic information to operators during fault conditions through message windows, alarm windows, and simple graphics.

Real-Time Clock (1762-RTC)
• Optional real-time clock module allows for time/date scheduling applications to be easily solved.

Memory Modules (1762-MM1, 1762-MM1RTC)
• Memory backup and real-time clock/memory module
• User Program and Data Back-up
• Program Compare
• Data File Protection
• Memory Module Write Protection
• Removal/Insertion Under Power

Use the communication cables listed below with MicroLogix 1200 controllers. Cables come in some lengths and connector styles to provide connectivity to the MicroLogix family of products.
• 1761-CBL-AM00 8-pin DIN to 8-pin DIN This 45 cm (17.7 in.) cable is used to link the MicroLogix controller to port 2 of the 1761-NET-AIC.
• 1761-CBL-HM02 8-pin DIN to 8-pin DIN This 2m (6.56 ft) cable is used to link the Micrologix 1200 Programmable Controller to the HHP or to connect any MicroLogix Programmable Controller to port 2 of the 1761-NET-AIC

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