Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Programming Software MicroLogix 1200 Controllers

The following sections describe programming options available for the MicroLogix 1200 controllers. You can build, modify, and monitor application programs used by the MicroLogix 1000, MicroLogix 1500, and SLC 500 Programmable Controller families with RSLogix 500™ Programming Software.

RSLogix 500 Programming Software
The programming package of RSLogix 500 ladder logic helps you maximize performance, save project development time, and improve productivity. This product has been developed to operate on Microsoft’s 32-bit, Windows® 95, Windows® 98, and Windows NT™ operating systems. Supporting SLC 500 and MicroLogix families of processors, RSLogix 500 was the first PLC programming software to offer unbeatable productivity with an industry-leading user interface.

Flexible, Easy-to-Use Editors
You can build application programs without worrying about getting the syntax correct as you create your program with flexible program editors. A Project Verifier creates a list of errors that you can navigate to make corrections at your convenience. You can copy or move instructions quickly from rung to rung within a project, rungs from one subroutine or project to another, or data table elements from one data file to another with drag-and-drop editing. The tools of common software are accessible quickly by clicking the right mouse button on addresses, symbols, instructions, rungs, or other application objects with context menus. This convenience gives you with all the necessary functionality to accomplish a task within a single menu.

Point-and-Click I/O Configuration
You can drag-and-drop or click a module from an all-inclusive list to assign it a slot in your configuration for easy-to-use I/O Configurator. Advanced configuration is required for specialty and analog modules, is easily accessible. Convenient forms speed entry of configuration data. An I/O auto configuration feature is also available.

Powerful Database Editor
Use the Symbol Group Editor to create and classify groups of symbols so that you can easily select portions of your recorded documentation to be used from project to project. Use the Symbol Picker list to address instructions easily in your ladder logic by clicking addresses or symbols to assign them to your ladder instructions.


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