Friday, April 15, 2011

Special Operations (P-A/D) of GE Fanuc NSP

After pressing “F” (the function key) on the SOI-260 or “MODE” (the mode key) on the SOI-120, one of the menu items is labeled “Special”. This item provides access to the Point-Access/Display (P-A/D) feature. The P-A/D feature gives you access to all the unrestricted programmable controller addresses. With this access, addresses may be displayed and/or modified. This feature is extremely useful in start-up or debugging sessions of programs or regular programmable controller operations. After pressing “MODE” (SOI-120) or “F” (SOI-260), a Special Security Screen may be displayed (it has to be created with the SOI-SPS Programming Software). You must enter one of the three programmed security codes to continue to the Special Operations menu screen.

Point-Access/Display on the SOI-120

To display or modify programmable controller addresses from the SOI-120:
1. Press “MODE” (the mode key) on the SOI-120 keypad.
2. Select “Special” (item 3) from the menu that appears. If a Special Security Screen appears, enter any one of the programmed security codes.
3. Press “Bypass” (item 0), unless you want to Edit (item 1) the GE Fanuc network address.
4. Select “P-A/D” (item 1).
5. Select “NEXT” until the data type you want to display or modify appears (see Table 5.1), and then press “¿” (the enter key).
6. Select the address you want to display or modify, and then press “¿” (the enter key). Alternatively, you can press “F1” and “F2” to decrement and increment the address shown. For 16-bit registers with read/write access, you can press “PREV” or “NEXT” to move you between the address and the data fields so you can enter new data.
7. Press “¿” (the enter key) to load new data into the programmable controller. This new data is displayed immediately.

Note: Pressing “MENU” returns you to the main menu at any point.

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