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Comparing of PLC WorkShop

Compare Results
The comparison results are showed in a dialog, and, if you identified a results file, in a text file. First, the types of PLC are compared. If they do not equal, that fact is informed and the whole comparison process stops. Then, the information in the "before" program is compared to the matching information in the "after" program for every compared category. As dissimilarities are found, they are written down the results:
• If the mismatches number is equal to the limit, that fact is informed, the category comparison ends, and the comparison keeps on the subsequently category.
• If there are no differences in a category, that fact is written down in the results.

Comparing Ladder Logic
Ladder logic is evaluated network by network. The each network results are:
• Matched - All of the parameters and instructions equal and are in the similar position. When networks equal, nothing is written down in the results.
• Moved - A network in the "after" program equals a network in the "before" program, but the corresponding networks are not in the equal position in their particular programs.
• Changed - Half of the output or more coils equal, but some parameters or instructions don't.
• Inserted - half the output or more coils in a network in the "after" program are dissimilar from any network in the "before" program.
• Deleted - half the output or more coils in a network in the "before" program are dissimilar from any network in the "after" program.

Displaying Processor Status
You can show the process status or while offline or online. To show the processor status follow the below instructions:
• Press the Status of PLC from the menu of PLC Utilities or (Alt+U, S). Either the Status of PLC for offline or online is showed.
• Press Close to shut the box of PLC Status and go back to the active logic program.

File Program Compare
The feature of File Program Compare compares 2 PLC programs, one of which possibly online. There are or all of the following elements of program may be compared:
• Type of PLC
• Cop of Traffic
• Ports of ASCII
• Extensions of Configuration
• Loadables
• Used of Coils
• Disabled 0x and 1x Address
• Ladder
• Messages of ASCII
• Configuration
• Scheduler of Segment
• memory up to 7 ranges
• 0x, 1x, 3x, and 4x Address

To compare PLC the files of program:
1. PLC WorkShop evaluates the existing file with a chosen FMD file. Open the initial file, either offline or online. This file is measured to be the "after" file. That is, a network that is in this file but not in the other is measured placed.
2. Mention the dialog of File/Program Compare by choosing the menu option of File/File Program Compare.
3. Press the button of Browse to choose the program file of PLC to be compared against the current program. This file is considered the "before" file.
4. Set the Maximum mismatches per category. If PLC WorkShop finds that number of differences in some category, it ends the comparison for that category and goes on to the subsequently category. If you are inspection to observe if the programs are matching or nearly so, the value set low. Set the value high for a more comprehensive comparison.
5. Choose the categories to compare, by inspection the suitable boxes. For the ranges of memory, choose the category from the list of drop-down, and enter the addresses of start and end to be compared in the areas to the left. Originally, every the rows of range has a different category chosen, but every row can be set to any category of memory.
6. Press the button of Browse and identify the file to save a text file results. If no file is specific, the results are showed but not saved.
7. Press OK to begin the comparison.


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