Friday, May 27, 2011

The Function of Serial Port Connectors and Ethernet Serial Converter in PLC

The Connector of Port3:
The Port3 connector signal level is of RS485 or RS232. This port can be stated as a general CPU module communication port and utilized for peripheral applications.
The Connector of Port4:
The Port4 connector signal level is of RS485. The key function of this port is to combine the signal of Ethernet to module of CPU, this port of connector is able to be stated as a universal CPU module communication port and utilized for peripheral applications. Whenever the module of FBs-CMX5E accepts a data packet from the interface of Ethernet, the similar data packet also will show at this port. In contrast, if a data packet is accepted at this port and the target is due for network, it will also show at the network of Ethernet. Since the multi-drop RS485 interface characteristic, by installing FBs-CMX5E can offer more than a PLC to catch on Ethernet.

The Ethernet serial converter operation principle is to acquire this module as interface and accept all the network messages that be going to the PLCs handled by this module then exchange it to the serial signal that can be acknowledged by PLC and send out it through port4. The operation is entirely transparent, it means, The CPU cannot differentiate the message is from network or local, the respond message is the similar with normal RS232 communication. When the module of FBs-CBE or FBs-CMX5E accepts the respond message of PLC will set the message into data packet network then transmit it to the network. It has to highlighting here that the network environment is complex and not sufficient for real time transfer data and can be utilize mostly for monitoring but not for control. The most important reason to utilize the network for communication in the factory is for its connectivity. The function, which needed to admission one processor at same time by multiple clients, before was difficult to apply by RS485 and RS232 can now reach by network solution easily.

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