Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Gateway of Unity Pro and the EPLAN CAD System

The gateway between Unity Pro and the EPLAN CAD system makes it simple to construct the systems control or command globally. Collaboration between Schneider Electric and EPLAN Software and Service has improved some functions for instance assignments of importing/exporting lists and configuring symbolic addressing, right throughout to identifying the configuration of full hardware.

Constructing your PLCs by a single click! Two different assignments already combined to offer a solution in which all data, whether the platform from EPLAN or Unity Pro, can be reassigned from a CAD system to other for updating or completion. The diagrams of electrical are automatically created, at same time with the equipment complete list. All the information you need is correct at your fingertips quickly, up-to -date, complete and high-quality configuration.

The two-way gateway makes it significantly easier to make systems control-command. The redundancy management days and dull manual corrections are stop here! Your design process of PLC will develop into more effective, efficient and transparent. Recovering existing projects have selected the expert project, you can combine your Unity Pro and EPLAN projects at any time to switch over data. The same user-friendliness degree is reached at level of maintenance, since EPLAN View can be started straightly from Unity Pro. After choosing a card in Unity Pro, EPLAN expresses you to the communicating the page of circuit diagram.

• The cooperation between Schneider Electric and EPLAN Software and Service provides service and availability of customized solutions through the world. Open PLC design: Users can select to begin projects moreover from a programming PLC base on Unity Pro, or from the circuit and wiring diagram plan base on EPLAN.
• The generation of automatic to arrange the entire PLC device within the diagram project of EPLAN circuit.
• User-friendly and high quality of update function to make sure monitoring installation by the service of maintenance.
• Project quality optimization
• The PLC design is saving The time

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