Saturday, May 28, 2011

Toolkit Option of UNITY PRO PLC Software

Unity Pro supports application and project libraries locally or on server to make an application database. Unity Pro has approximately 800 standard function, and can be improved with standards from customer such as function blocks, variables, data types. It also involves:
• The physical memory of symbolic variables independent;
• Controlled user- DDT (defined data types);
• DFB and DDT version of function block management in the library;
• A pre-animated graphic library objects for operator displays;
• Programming data read/write protection to prevent any modification;
• Development of function block is available in C++ by the Unity EFB

Build in libraries on a remote server or a local PC, the properties and application objects are utilized and distributed by all programs and any updates made to a thing in a library is efficient in the programs:
• The modules of functional can be utilized in the function or between projects with XML import/export;
• Function blocks are instantaneous through drag & drop from the library;
• All examples routinely come into library changes;
• The objects of graphic for operator displays are chosen and configured through drag & drop.

A simulator PLC on PC is incorporated into Unity Pro and is utilized to fine tune the function as much as possible before it is custom-built on site. It precisely repeats the behavior of the objective program. All the tools of debugging can be utilized in simulation:
• Program execution of step by step;
• View point and streak;
• View the variables status and the logic in execution through dynamic animations.
Operating monitors make easy debugging by outlooks representing status of variable in graphic object form: trend curves, indicators, etc. The similar as for configuration, the modules of application-specific have particular displays to debug them: the functions offered are modified to the module type implemented such as communication I/Os, discrete, analogue, counter, etc. User actions are archived and logged in a secured Windows file standard.

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