Friday, May 6, 2011

Micros with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Systems of Power Supply
Different power supplies types are in use in a variety of parts of the storage rings and injection system. The transport micro of Booster-UV controls the power supplies for the booster to transfer line of UV. The goods for the magnets corrector are controlled by the uvtrim micro. The main of micro magnet manages the supplies for the dipole of UV, sextupole and quadrupole magnets. Because of the price of the peripherals of VME I/O as well as require of slits in the VME enclosures, the micros principally control the power supplies settings. The true system read-backs are verified alongside acceptance limits. The control of on/off, status test and check for error conditions have not been realized in the micros. Although a lot of power supplies are prepared with error indicators in digital signals for security, temperature, water, etc. the information was not go through to the control system.

Identify the problems correlated to power supplies was not a simply job. The systems of power supply were advanced using PLCs. The logic is operating in the CPU the controller of TSX quantum, which is joined to an adapter of Ethernet. 16 modules of non-intelligent I/O have been operated for reading the fault signals, for on/off control, and monitoring on/off status. The signals of status and fault are also transferred to panels of local display.

The controller of Quantum and the modules of TIO are linked by network of Modbus Plus. The micros which are monitoring the power supplies pass control commands over Ethernet. The logic of PLC sets the required bits and decodes the commands in the suitable module of TIO output. The logic of PLC occasionally reads the modules of TIO input and stores the status of on/off and signals fault in the memory PLC.

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