Friday, May 6, 2011

Module of PLC AMI

The module of communication broadband PLC which is entrenched in a smart meter is called as Billion SG5000. It allows AMI, it is stand for Advanced Metering Infrastructure, services with serial interfaces. This module of Broadband PLC contains an up to date chipset of BPL by 200Mbps. It can present broadband and robust network communication at the electricity grid, incorporate the existing metering systems through a network of intelligent IP-based.

Benefits of Billion AMI Broadband PLC Solutions
Save the cost
The early cost of Billion BPL implementation as the network technology of AMI communication may be more expensive than narrow-band based PLC or other wireless technologies. Nevertheless, scalable functionalities and high bandwidth of BPL add higher cost savings to the AMI preservation and realization of future applications of smart grid. BPL also offers a cost-effective substitute solution for access of last mile broadband to office buildings and home.

Applicable for future extension and wide range applications
BPL offers broadband bandwidth of bi-directional which supports large applications for example teleprotection, SCADA, monitoring of real time, surveillance of video, etc, which all objective for get better customer satisfaction.

Protected transmission
There are a lot of possible vulnerabilities and threats within a network of AMI. Effectiveness are currently moving from an offline meters to a network of smart meters. Measurement of security is a vital task in the AMI planning. BPL gives improved security by improving standard based encryption of DES/3DES to make sure the consumer data protection and AMI infrastructure.

Flexible and economical solutions
Signal of cellular are not simply accessible as coverage of wireless is greatly lower in most rural areas. The system of narrowband PLC give an efficient solution of AMR but frequently requires the capability of real-time communication and vital reliability as it gets longer time to gather data and error rates are higher.

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