Saturday, May 7, 2011

Overview Remote Bus Interface of Interbus-S

To run in any module slot of any GE Fanuc PLC of 90-30 Series model, it has been designed the module of HE693IBS100. While correctly configured, this module will enable the PLC to transport the process data up to 64 words on a remote bus of Interbus-S. The module’s key features are as following:
• Error generation controlled module by PLC
• Acknowledge of host error is sent to PLC
• Module can be designed to report status of PLC RUN
• Programmable Interbus-S data width, dynamic
• The Interbus-S process data up to 32 words

Interbus-S is defining as a communication protocol of register-based of serial shift built up by Phoenix Contact. The network includes of 1 or more slave nodes and a single “host controller”. Even though mainly used to move I/O “process” data, numerous “intelligent” protocols of communication have been implemented. The module of IBS100 does not use any standard of intelligent protocols.

Every bus type brings the same signals, but at different levels of electrical. The module of IBS100 maintains only the remote bus type of Interbus-S. Every module has the capability to produce a “module error”. When a module error is produced, the Interbus-S stays lively and process data carries on to flow.

Architecture Module
The core of IBS100 Module’s is and 16-bit high-performance of Intel 80C196KR entrenched microcontroller operation at 16 MHz. This equipment controls communication to the CPU of PLC, and controls the data transfers of Interbus-S. The interface of Interbus-S to the microcontroller is proficient mainly by the Interbus-Sm Processor Interface chip bought from Phoenix Contact. This part translates and decodes the remote bus signals ofInterbus-S and offers a harmonized similar interface to the network status and Interbus-S process data. The physical remote bus interface of Interbus-S is isolated electrically from the left of the module.

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