Thursday, May 12, 2011

The PLC Control Builder Library

PLC Control Builder was being brought with a wide-ranging which predefined type solutions set saved in libraries standard. These contain Control Modules, data types, functions, and function blocks that can be used in the projects. All libraries standard are incorporated during the installation of PLC Control Builder and are obtainable in the projects. PLC Control Builder offers the following:
• The Basic library, it includes blocks of basic building for control software of AC 800M such as control module, types data types, and function block types with extensive functionality, produced by ABB. The inside contents of the Basic library can be classified as follows: Control Module Types, IEC 61131-3 Function Block Types, and Other Function Block Types.
• The Libraries of Communication, they contain function blocks for Siemens 3964R protocols, MMS, ModBus, Foundation Fieldbus, SattBus, and COMLI.
• The Libraries of Control, they contain function blocks, control modules, single PID control and cascade PID control etc.
• The Library of Alarm and Event, it includes function blocks for local printer’s alarm printouts, and detection of alarm and event.

PLC Control Builder Functions
The solutions are made inside projects of control builder, and some levels of structuring are obtainable inside one project. The PLC Control builder is used to make control solutions. A PLC Control Builder’s project can do till 256 applications where every application can do mostly 64 programs. A 32 Control Builder PCs maximum can be used at the same time in multi-user environment and equipped 32 PLCs can be produced and done within a project. You can generate self-defined libraries including function block types, data types, etc. Moreover the types of function block, PLC Control Builder can also do control modules, which are parts for programming of object-oriented. When you need added functionality for creating control solutions of DCS type you can utilize the control builder that offered by ABB 800xA DCS system.

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