Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Motion Control with CPX Module

The controller of Multi-axis Module CPX-CMXX is a module of intelligent technology for coordinated and synchronized motion solutions according to the architecture of Festo CPX. Carry up to a total of 8 axes, both movements of individual axis and multi-axis coordinated /synchronous motion can be proficient. Various Festo drives are carried out which creates this module a perfect choice for a simple handling solutions.

The module of CPX-CMXX is model for applications connecting simple kinematics of cartesian or multiple individual axes. The module of CPX-CMXX can be element of a circulated architecture as a module of motion control on a terminal node of decentralized valve or as element of a standalone CPX controller when used jointly with the PLC module of CPX-FEC. A variety of bus nodes of CPX field are supported enabling for connection to various of higher order networks &PLCs.

The module is constructed using the FCT (Festo configuration tool) which is easy to navigate, easy to use, and well illustrated software configuration. The module is greatly configurable and includes no programming, creating system setup very quick and simple. Connecting of motion profiles as well as coordinated motion of multiple axes (They accomplish the objective concurrently by controlling each axes) are both functionalities obtainable with the module of CPX-CMXX. These functionalities relieve of the higher order controller or PLC from the motion jobs as well as decrease programming.

User Benefits:
• Solid motion solution of multi axis for both decentralized solutions and stand alone systems.
• Connectivity through various field buses – Interfaces to a PLCs large range
• Connectivity to various Festo drives – Provides a lot of solutions of creative handling.
• Quick & easy implementation – Module does not need programming, easy parameterize and configure.
• Set table of position & connecting functionality decreases PLC programming.
• Coordinated /synchronous capability of motion control off-loads the motion jobs from the PLC.


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