Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post-Installation of S7-226XM Concerns

Retentive Range Setting
After uploading S7-226XM PLC, the retentive ranges of the default project S7-226XM are set similar with a S7-226 CPU, which is using only half from the total of V-memory in a S7-226XM. When you finished uploading from an online S7-226XM CPU with the default state, the system block of STEP 7-Micro/WIN settings for the 'Retentive Ranges' is not correct displays VB Range from 0 to 0. Inside, STEP 7-Micro/WIN still retains 10240 elements, although the range is showed wrongly. If the block of system is re-downloaded without try to adjust retentive range 0, after that all of 10240 bytes will be retentive. The subsequently topic explains how to adjust settings for instance the ranges displayed in STEP 7-Micro/WIN tally with the actual retentive ranges of CPU.

Retentive Range Setting above VB9999:
STEP 7-Micro/WIN system for retentive ranges forbids the values entry larger than '9999' in the 'Elements' area with or without the changing support of S7-226XM CPU's. Update the 'Retentive Range' of S7-226XM for VB fields larger than VB 9999 can be proficient in one of two methods:
1. Indicate the words range rather than bytes and update the VB to VW. For instance, to create all V retentive set: Elements=5120. Range=0, to VW, Offset=0, -OR-
2. Construct two data areas of VB Ranges. Such as, in first row set: Range=0, to VB, Elements=5120, Offset=0; Second row set: Range=1, to VB, Elements=5120, Offset=5120.

Create new S7-226 PLC Project:
The subsequently version of STEP 7-Micro/WIN will contain full support for the S7-226XM PLC's and the S7-226. Throughout the provisional, if this S7-226 PLC add-on is installed and you build a new project offline of S7-226 PLC, it has to be built up by choose a project of S7-226XM CPU. The range of S7-226 PLC verifies visualize similar as the S7-226XM, which are above what the memory of S7-226 PLC can hold.


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