Wednesday, May 11, 2011

S7-226XM PLC in STEP 7-Micro

S7-226XM PLC is add-on that support in STEP 7-Micro/WIN32, by install this add-on, it will modify your present STEP 7-Micro/WIN installation so that the S7-226XM (Extra Memory) CPU configuration is possible. There is no add in the bug fixes or features are installed with the add-on, and no changing to the edition number in the Help box will happen for offline Project for S7-26XM PLC.

This S7-226XM PLC add-on is only required if making an Offline project of S7-226XM, where the hardware of S7-226XM CPU is not available. WITHOUT this add-on admission to the full of memory range will not be probable for an "Off-line" S7-226XM PLC project. Online Project for S7-226XM PLC linking to the actual hardware of S7-226XM PLC enables you to upload and read CPU data that settings of parameterizes project and memory constraints, which reduces the requirement for installing this add-on file.

Version Compatibility:
This set up will not renew any STEP 7-Micro/WIN editions except for versions V3.1.0.31, V3.1.0.31c, or V3.1.1.6. If numerous editions of STEP 7-Micro/WIN are set up on the PC, then the program install prompts the user ahead discovering a valid edition installation. The user may choose to renew that installation, or to carry on thorough for the next applicable installation, or to stop. A message demonstrating finishing point is displayed after an installation has finished. If there is update to product of STEP 7-Micro/WIN, for instance upgrading from V3.1 to V3.1.1, needs a following reinstallation of this file add-on.

Instructions of Installation:
1. Download from the internet of the compressed .ZIP file and store it to PC's hard disk
2. Copy file above into a directory for temporary
3. Extract the zip file to hard disk.
4. Exit from the all applications
. 5. Run the Setup.exe file to begin the install program.
6. Follow the next instructions given.
7. When complete the installation, setting the STEP 7-Micro/WIN to choose a CPU in the drop down of "PLC Type" will show 'CPU 226XM'.


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