Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PLC Controllers of PCD4 PLC

The series of PCD4 is a really flexible system. From the lowest amount system with a two Input/Output modules and cheap power supply module, the simplest processor, 1 serial interface, throughout to the fully operational system with function modules and up to 32 I/O, PROFIBUS FMS/DP, processor module M170, independent serial interfaces up to 6 interfaces, or connections of Ethernet-TCP/IP network. The system can be installed in one go, or extended in stages.

The device of process control for jobs with a large necessity profile Powerful functions
• Inputs/Outputs are up to 510/2048 I/O: Modular construction of sockets with up to 32 for count¬ing, digital, analogue, motion and/or measuring control modules
– Central inputs/outputs is up to 510
– Local inputs/outputs is up to 2048 (e. g. PROFIBUS DP)
• User memory is up to 1 MByte: For programs, text and data blocks.
• Data port is up to 6 serial ports: Can be fixed with an option of RS 485, RS 232, RS 422, or current loop 20 mA/TTY.
• Connections of Field bus: Can be fixed with an option of Ethernet-TCP/IP, PROFIBUS FMS, and PROFIBUS DP.
• Inputs standard: interrupt inputs and fast plc counter straightly on controller CPU.

Efficient programming tools and operating system with high performance
• Proficient programming with PG5 because of it’s a lot of programming languages, for example GRAFTEC, IL, FUPLA etc. A proficient instruction set, libraries of compre-hensive FBox and a construction that fulfill with IEC 1131-3 shorten the transparent programs editing.
• User programs portability because of synchronized system possessions and the integral Saia®S-Bus, user programs are moveable crossways the whole PCD family and able of running.
• Quick reaction times because of straight I/O signals accessing, without the transient throughout a process map.
• Flexible network incorporation because of throughout programming and communications through Ethernet-TCP/IP to the linked field bus stations FMS or PROFIBUS DP.

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