Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Serial Module for EBC and WinPLC Systems

Module of serial I/O for WinPLCs
Attach serial ports to your system of WinPLC by plugging the modules of H2-SERIO into the base of DL205 I/O. This module serial is used entirely among the WinPLC. The WinPLC correspond with the module of H2–SERIO crossways the backplane of DL205.

WinPLC system is up to ten serial ports
The WinPLC contains a serial port built-in. You can put in as many as nine added serial ports for Think & Do Live! Or Think & Do Studio purposes need multiple serial equipments, for example barcode scanners. Link to just any serial component that communicates with ASCII protocol. The H2-SERIO is able to serve up as a slave of Modbus RTU.

Large amounts serial data processing with a WinPLC
Whereas the module of H2-SERIO will maintain any serial device virtually, large amounts serial data processing will enlarge the response time system. This is vital to think about while using multiple modules of H2-SERIO, especially in a local base of WinPLC with an H2-CTRIO or H2-ERM.

Divide parameters communications for every port
Use software packages of Think & Do to set stop bits, baud rate, parity, and data bits for every serial port. Select from 300 to 57.6K baud speeds of communication. Think & Do Live! Or Think & Do Studio permit every port to be selected as a slave of Modbus or a general serial device. Every port on the module of H2–SERIO is able for handshaking of full hardware.

Simple serial communications
Software products of All Think & Do PC control contain sophisticated string and array functions that create manipulating, transmitting and receiving serial data a snap.

Control EBC system with H2-SERIO in a PC-based
Think & Do Studio version 6.5 chains the use of up to 3 modules of H2-SERIO per EBC node in control system of a PC-based. The master has to be a PC running Studio 6.5 or afterward. This does not relate to a system of WinPLC with a module of ERM used for remote I/O.

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