Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wonderware-OPCLink of Protocol OPC

OPCLink, first step driver that process and open and protocol of OPC(OLE for Process Control) to be implicit by Wonderware companionable software. In other side it is a high-quality server of SuiteLink for InTouch. OPCLink allows access and allows communications to the TOP Server as a data provider to interface of Intouch operation. This protocol OPC of OPCLink ensures occasionally the connection to TOP Server and also works as a controller of data.

To isolate the client we can use LV Client that presentations two actions: It links to TOP Server to read the control changeable from the database of industrial controller and it is a source of this information for the components of intelligent system and interfaces of graphical user. LV Client interprets digital and analog variables of process and creates public these data to a DataSocket server. In this way, data are duplicated into the supervision station of local server which distributes them to give to applications (interfaces, planning, diagnosis). LV Client checks periodically the remote correlation to TOP Server and renews DataSocket server. Datasocket realizes an easy-to-use, high-performance programming tool intended for publishing and sharing live data among LV Client and pledges applications.

Java Link is a function for communication and data transfer among Datasocket server and the components of intelligent system. The purpose of this connection is to practice requests from the diagnosis and planning modules. Java link is according to TCP/IP technology and works as an interface of data for applications in different stages like LabVIEW and Java. Communication is depending on messages with a proprietary protocol. The messages types involves: Request of process variables values, advices graphical presentation to operator sent through the data writing and planning module on server as a consequence of intelligent diagnosis.

The interfaces of graphical user are applications built up for graphical interpretation and representation of effects from intelligent diagnosis of system faults and intelligent planning of operation actions.


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