Sunday, May 22, 2011

PLC Modicon 984 family Configuration

The next stage is to inform PLC WORKSHOP which PLC you are linked to. The next steps explain the procedures of configuration for the processors of Modicon 984 family. It is recommended that your advance to configuring your PLC should carry on in the following order:
1. Extensions of Configuration
2. Loadables
3. Clock Set
4. Options of configuration screen
5. Ports of Modbus
6. Ports of ASCII
7. Cop of Traffic

Some options of configuration programmed above are not obtainable or required for all processors. Configuration of PLC can be finished offline or online. Stop the processor before you begin online configuration if the processor is in Run mode. Although online, admission the configuration display will show the configuration of processor's current. Offline the Configuration display is utilized to construct the system for programming the logic program. The Configuration display is separated into several areas, including:
1. Miscellaneous
2. PLC Clock and Calendar
3. Option buttons
4. Processor
5. Configured Quantities

Some or all of the areas listed above may show on your configuration display. Which selections show is dependent of which processor you chosen in the Setup of PLC Type previously. The alternative buttons exhibited on the right side of the Configuration display also base on which processor is chosen.

Memory of EEPROM/Flash
Convinced processors of Modicon support the use of either Flash memory or EEPROM for the storing or loading an operating program of PLC's. When a PLC accepts power, it first verification for an applicable memory configuration.

The Quantum 434/534 is not supported.
According to the existing processor, the dialog windows will be available. This window shows when chosen from the PLC Utilities menu and select PLC Operations. The menu option will not be accessible when the PLC is in mode of RUN. The dialog lets for the power-up state selection and the whether 4x registers selection should be written (according to chosen processor type).


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