Monday, May 9, 2011

Power Line Communication of PLM 510

PLM-510 defines as a module of power line communication using PLC chip of SIMAC-6401 embedded. The meter develops into a PLC entrenched meter by plugging module of PLM-510 to a PCB board meter. This will significantly save the development time of meter manufacturing of a PLC meter. The module can also be useful to light/streetlight controllers, white goods and devices of industrial control etc. it will be Industrial Control products and energy saving for Home Automation.

• Dual modulation of BPSK and FSK schemes for the maximum reliability and compatibility
• Multiple of interfaces digital involves 4 IOs, RS232, and SPI
• Main board power connectors consist of ground, 3.3V, and 15V
• High driver capability, large signal output strength
• Flexible with wide application range interface
• Simple, compact by inline connectors
• Long distance of power line communication with intelligent and reliable PLC chip (SiMAC-6401)
• Incorporated with network firmware of LonTalk®,
• 8 selectable frequencies dynamically that involve all CENELC bands

Main function of communication interface
- Interface of SPI slave as host microprocessor or device
- Interface of RS232 slave as host microprocessor or device

Coupling circuit
The coupling circuit offers isolation signal and allows the PLM-510 to correspond via power of AC or DC. Module transfers signal via power line although the coupling circuit. Coupling circuit is utilized for isolation signal from transformers, to split carrier module and power grids.

Communication of power line carrier
The PLM-510 accepts the transparent data throughout SPI interface or RS232; arrange them as package depending on LONWORKS® protocol; then transfer the packages to the power line. The frequencies of communication are selectable. There are 1 FSK and 8 BPSK frequencies can be chosen as a primary and a secondary frequency. The PLM-510 initially transfers packages from primary frequency. If there is no reply it will retry by means of both primary and secondary frequency.

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