Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Programmable Logic Controller Feature

PLC feature are growing fast along with the development of technology. The feature of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is updating and changing over time. We can find new models of PLC available in the market every day. New features are not only in designs and models but also in size and compactness. The new features always look more interesting and attractive. This is beneficial for us since we can select a model that we like most. An updating programmable logic controller certainly interest many people since it makes their jobs easier to do.

The Virtue of PLC feature
When we talk about a computer, what comes across our minds is that a computer is a fragile thing and should be handled very carefully. We are forbiden to place the computer in a harsh environment to make its durability longer. But PLC is different from an ordinary computer. It provides features that allow PLC stand to severe condition. PLC will be just fine in an environment that is dusty, moist, hot or cold. In addition, PLC is equipped with input and output arrangements. These arragements of input and output are then connect to sensors and actuators. The arrangements of input and output are built in PLC or they can be put in external modules and then plugged to PLC through computer network. PLC also read switches that are limites as well as variables such as temperature and pressure. PLC feature makes us easier to handle the PLC.

New offerings on PLC feature
Features offered in programmable logic controller include many things. First, the data storage memory. PLC has a feature of removable mass storage device with the memory ranging from 125 MB to 2 GB. This memory device makes the users easier to save their files and upgrade their PLC lader program. Second, the size and touch screen color. Recently, PLC has various size including a small package. They usually has a height of 4”, width of 4” and diameter of 2.5”. While for the color, PLC now have 160 x 180 pixel touch screen color. These are some new PLC feature offered.

Besides, there is another feature offered on PLC. It is the serial port. PLC now usually have two serial ports allowing two different electrical system for cross control. The networking system on PLC also allows you to connect your modules of input and output along with your PLC. Considering this, you can now have easy of doing many things because of PLC feature.

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