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Using Editor Programming of PLC WorkShop

Using the Logic Editor Programming
It is vital that you know the differences between programming offline and programming online before start programming. Whereas programming online you are linked to a PLC which may be operating. Updating logic in one network may influence logic in other network. These updates may make unpredicted or hazardous results. To specify that the Node Editor is active, Node Edit shows on the left side of the title bar of every program window of online logic. PLC power flow and Status can also be showed in the online mode. Though, some features of editing are not accessible, involving Cut, Paste, and Paste with Rewire.

How logic is authenticated and came in is the largest difference between the two modes. The Node Editor (online) sends logic right away, when the cursor leaves the instruction, to the PLC after a command or address is replaced, inserted, or deleted. Offline, the whole segment is penetrated when you press Validate and Enter Logic from the menu of Program or press the button of "check mark" on the toolbar. If you effort to go out the Node Editor without sending an edit to the processor, a warning message is appear. The identical is true if you try to go out a segment in offline mode without incoming the changes.

The Logic Editor is somewhere to start programming since it lets you to show, contact, and/or adjust logic in the active logic program.
To contact the Logic Editor:
1. Import or open a logic program.
2. Press on the toolbar or choose Logic Editor from the menu of View. The dialog box of Logic Editor shows.
3. Choose a segment by pressing the segment number.
4. Press Go To Seg to present the chosen segment.
5. Press Clear to remove logic from the chosen segment.
6. Press Scheduler to admission the dialog box of Segment Scheduler.
7. Press Close to end the Logic Editor and go back to the active logic windows.

Using the Ladder Editor Programming
Some windows of logic program can be showed concurrently. Nevertheless, a window is active at one time. The ladder editor lets you to go into and adjust ladder logic in the active logic window. To create a logic window active, just put the pointer on the preferred window and press the left button of mouse. Or, press Alt+W and press the corresponding number of logic window from the keyboard. You will see that the active window goes to the front of all other windows.

Insert a New Network
You can put in a new network by using the keyboard or the mouse in the active logic program window. To put in a new network by using the mouse:
1. Press new button network on the Toolbar. See that the new network connects to the pointer.
2. Move the pointer to the active logic window. Place the pointer where you desire the new network.
3. Press the left button of mouse. The new network is placed in. If the new network is placed in to accessible Network 002, for instance, the new network turns into Network 002 and accessible Network 002 turns into 003.
4. Do again Step 3 to put in additional networks.
5. Delete the new network from the pointer by pressing the arrow on the Instruction Bar.

To put in a new network by using the keyboard:
1. Push Alt+P and the drops down of Program menu.
2. Use the down arrow key or press N to highlight New Network and press Enter. The dialog box of New Network shows.
3. Type the network number you wish to enter. If a network 002 exists and you type 2 in box of the Network Number, the accessible Network 002 turns into Network 003 and the new network turns into 002.
4. Push Enter and the new network is placed.
5. Do again Step 3 to put in additional networks.


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